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Introduction of our new products
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Capillary drainage belt is a kind of product which is produced by PVC material. It adopts the principle of gravity separation, so that the soil particles naturally settle downward, and water is drawn up into the capillary groove by capillary action to form the automatic separation of water and soil. In addition, the capillary drainage belt scientifically utilizes the phenomena of "capillary force", "surface tension" and "siphon force" of nature, which further promotes the efficiency of water absorption and drainage.

Capillary drainage belts are widely used in reservoir dam seepage control, railway and highway foundation drainage, tunnel retaining wall drainage, landscaping, building basement drainage, air exhaust, anti-seepage, moisture-proof and other engineering projects.

It is characterized by no blockage, no soil loss, no surface collapse, effective water absorption area greater than 20%, high drainage efficiency, high resistance to earth pressure (>45kg/cm), easy installation. Capillary permeable drainage belts are widely used all over the world, and has received the attention of experts and people from all walks of life. It can solve the problem of basic drainage in various engineering projects in the future.

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